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PROBEAM® DYNAMIC RINGZ™ Front Bullet Turn Signal Inserts With Smoked Lenses (1156 base)


PROBEAM® DYNAMIC RINGZ™ Front Bullet Turn Signal Inserts With Smoked LensesPROBEAM® DYNAMIC RINGZ™ Front Turn Signal Inserts With Smoked Lenses

  • Utilizing advanced LED technology, the ProBEAM® LED turn signals maximize performance with a unique reflector technology and automotive-grade LEDs composed into a sealed unit for superior reliability
  • Turn signals produce an even brighter light output with wider viewing angle
  • The outer ring of 24 white ProBEAM® LEDs showcase a smooth white halo that functions as the running light while 12 center amber LEDs function as the turn signal
  • When a turn signal is activated the White LEDs turn completely off for the entire turn signal cycle providing greater visibility to the amber turn signal
  • Turn signals include smoked lenses and are DOT and SAE compliant
  • 1156 base for international models with single filament front turn signals
  • Sold in pairs

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